Module Business Administration courses - 6th Semester

601_1 Innovation and Entrepreneurship SBC 4   150,0 6,0
602_1 Advanced Operational Research SC 3 2 150,0 6,0
603_1 Supply Chain Management SC 3 2 150,0 6,0
  TOTAL / WEEK   10 4 450,0 30,0


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Change at the individual level, group level, models and approaches of business change, management change. Innovation and competitive advantage, innovation types, innovation means, new challenges. Innovation as a process management, as a fundamental business process, consequences of incomplete understanding of the innovation process, successful innovation management. Strategic innovation, technological trajectories, effective external interfaces for learning, creation of an agency that innovates. Strategies for research and development, creativity, selection and evaluation of projects, financial evaluation of projects of research and development, design and control of projects of research and development, technological foresight.


Advanced Operational Research

Queuing theory (components of the Standard Model mode, common distributions, Arrivals and Priorities Laws, Service Stations Capacity, Parallel or Serial Queueing Creation, Data Collection and Control), Simulation (Objectives and Design of Simulation Applications, Modelling Supplies and Discrete Simulation Approaches, random Numbers and Monte Carlo method, Collection of Observations and Optimization), Inventory Theory (Definition of the general problem, Definite and probabilstic models, PC’s Applications).


Supply Chain Management

Analysis of the methods and techniques that are focused on the design, testing and implementation of the flow of goods and services, in an integrated system that includes suppliers, production processes and distribution channels to final consumers. Inventory Theory (General Problem Determination, Determined and probabilistic Models, PC’s Applications).