Core courses 3rd Semester

301 Total Quality Management ΜΕΥ 3 1 112,5 4,5
302 Operational Research ΜΕ 3 2 137,5 5,5
303 Human Resources Management ΜΕΥ 3   112,5 4,5
304 Macroeconomics ΜΓΥ 3   112,5 4,5
305 Data Structures and File Organization ΜΓΥ 3 3 137,5 5,5
306 Advanced Business Statistics ΜΕΥ 3 2 137,5 5,5
  TOTAL / WEEK   18 8 750,0 30,0


Total Quality Management

Introduction to Quality Assurance. Definitions, philosophy, axioms, principles. The need for adjustments and changes in management styles. Tools of quality control. The organization for quality. Development of the ISO control and quality assurance of projects and actions. Editing quality manuals and procedures records. The European certification framework. Cost of quality. Methodologies of statistical quality control SPC. Laboratory applications of the above with the use of special software packages.


Operational Research

Introduction to Operational Research. Business Models, Linear Programming (Framing and solving the Problem, Algebraic and Graphical methods, Simplex, quirky Cases, Duality and Sensitivity Analysis), Integer Programming (Branch and Bound Methods, planning 0-1) Problems Transmission (Definition and Problem Solving, Special Circumstances: Replacement Problem, Logistics). Computer Applications.


Human Resources Management

The course aims to facilitate a thorough understanding of management of human resources, which is essential for the efficient, effective and competitive operation of the various business units and production in general. Specifically focuses on the examination and analysis of the processes of planning, job analysis, the attraction and selection, training and development of human resources, evaluation of employee performance, the policy of pay, health and safety at work and the end of industrial relations by the method of case studies, group projects and review relevant scientific literature.



Calculation of National Production - Systems of National Accounts, Total Demand and Supply - the Keynesian model, the monetarist model, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Public Choice, and external influences, inflation and unemployment, wages - labor and trade unions, the International Trade Data.


Data Structures and File Organization

Data Structures, basic concepts. Tables, Lists, Queues, Trees, Graphs. Editing data structures, introduction, retrieval and deletion. Types and file organization, sequential, trees, indexed files. Edit files, search, sort, file indexes. Processing large files. How to save files. Improving efficiency in the processing of files. Applications management data structures the programming language C.


Advanced Business Statistics

Estimation (Mean Assessment and Analogies), Confidence Intervals, Samples, Sample Definition, Hypothesis Testing (Unilateral, Two-sided), Tests (Independence, Adjustment), analysis of variance (ANOVA), Simple Regression Analysis (Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, Quadratic) and Analysis of Relationship of Two Variables, Computer Applications.